Art Heroes Review No. 005, Artistic burnout + creative block

Art Heroes Review, No. 005
Causes and Cures for Creative Burnout
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No matter how much you love making art, writing, playing music or being creative, there's times when you just don't feel it.

Maybe you feel you've run out of ideas, or just don't have the energy, or can't find the time, or need something new? Maybe you're afraid that no one will appreciate what you're making, or that you're doing it wrong, or that it won't be good enough? Sometimes you can't even tell why you don't feel creative… this can be terrifying because you don't know if you'll get it back. A big part of fixing the problem of block is to figure out where it comes from.

Learn a variety of techniques to deal with creative block and creative burnout. I'll talk about a variety of ways we shut down our creative output and fixes for each of them.

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